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Posted 7/20/2010:

Knightmare Ruggers in the news


I played of the Knightmares team in 2007 and 2008 where I played flanker and center. Since then I have been playing for Penn State and have won two D1 National Championship titles! I have been playing loosehead prop recently and will be hooking this fall. But, down to business. Some of you many know, and others may not, but about a week ago I was invited to play for the USA Under 20 Women's National Team in the 2010 North American and Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) Championships! This will be a ten day long tour of the Bahamas, where we will play other women's teams form the region, along with our rivals, the Canadian U-20 team. This has come as a big surprise to me and presents a really fantastic opportunity -

Kelly Sager